Save The Dates For Black History Month Events!

“Story-telling African Americans in the West”
Presenters: Dr. Camille Dungy, Dr. Ella Marie Ray, Mr. JT Reynolds, Dr. Malcolm Scott
Thursday, February 12th | 5:30-7p.m. | Avogadro’s Number, 605 S Mason St., Fort Collins, CO

2.12.15 Storytelling African Americans in the WestIn honor of Black History Month this panel brings together a wide range of view points on African Americans in the West as told through stories. This panel features: Professor Camille Dungy of CSU’s English Department whose poems and essays have been widely published in anthologies and journals, who will launch the panel on African Americans in the West through spoken word poetry; Professor Malcolm Scott  of CSU’s School of Social Work, who will speak to the importance of diversity in the classroom, diversity within the faculty, and lessons learned from social work on diversity as told through stories; Mr. James T. Reynolds, retired Superintendent of Death Valley National Park and long time law enforcement officer for the National Park Service, will speak his experience as an African Americans in the West. Finally, it is our pleasure to introduce Dr. Ella Marie Ray Metropolitan State University of Denver who will speak to her work on fire clay sculpture as a mean for African American cultural expression.

“Advancing theWPEposterBCM Role of Minorities in Nature”
Presenters: Midy Aponte, Tylar Greene, Shelton Johnson, James Edward Mills
Thursday, February 26th | 5:30-7pm | Avogadro’s Number, 605 S Mason St., Fort Collins, CO

Originally designed as a panel for Black History Month, this panel has evolved into one that speaks to the importance of diversity in nature. The panel features Shelton Johnson of the National Park Service, who will launch the panel with a historical perspective of African Americans in nature with a focus on Buffalo Soldiers. Author, publisher, and outdoor expedition leader James Edward Mills will follow by speaking to his experience as an African American in the outdoor industry. Tylar Greene of the US Fish and Wildlife Service will speak to the rich cultural history of national wildlife refuges. Finally, we will round out the discussion with hispanic activist Midy Aponte, Founding Executive Director of the American Latino Heritage Fund of the National Park Foundation who will speak to the role of hispanics in nature.

Sponsor include the National Science Foundation; The School of Global and Environmental Sustainability; The Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research; Graduate Women in Science; and the Global Women Scholars Network.

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About globalwomenscholars

The Global Research Network on Women and Sustainability is designed to generate collaborative research proposals through a series of workshops and peer mentoring between women from national and international institutions. Our goal is to increase women in the sciences through generating collaborative research proposals on environmental sustainability that both provides a gender perspective for issues associated with sustainability, while also creating a supportive network of women scholars by pairing institutions and expertise. Through a distributed network approach where core universities are international influence nodes, we will test networking and cross-cultural mentoring methods for enhancing women’s scholarship. GWSN is funded by the National Science Foundation under grant #OCI-1140182.

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