Climate change, gender and the media

Picture1Scanning the internet for key words and information on discussions focusing on gender and climate change elicits critical information on topics influencing public opinion and, thus, policy agendas. The idea that social media has the potential to influence policies regarding gender and sustainability emerged as the main take home message of Dr. Ulrike Gretzel’s talk last Tuesday as part of a Women, Population and Environment speaker series. 

Dr. Gretzel presented research on social media’s role in discussions surrounding the gender and climate change debate, as well as the differences between social media and mainstream media’s discourse on the topic. She also discussed the preliminary results for a study regarding people’s perceptions on the unique challenges and contributions women face as leaders in the sustainable development movement.  The Global Women Scholars Network hopes to use this data to help inform future research and mentoring opportunities for women and men working at the intersection of gender issues in sustainability.

For a the full video of Dr. Gretzel’s presentation, please visit the GWSN YouTube page at, OR click the following link for the Powerpoint presentation: Climate Change and Gender

The Women, Population and Environment speaker series is sponsored by the following:

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About globalwomenscholars

The Global Research Network on Women and Sustainability is designed to generate collaborative research proposals through a series of workshops and peer mentoring between women from national and international institutions. Our goal is to increase women in the sciences through generating collaborative research proposals on environmental sustainability that both provides a gender perspective for issues associated with sustainability, while also creating a supportive network of women scholars by pairing institutions and expertise. Through a distributed network approach where core universities are international influence nodes, we will test networking and cross-cultural mentoring methods for enhancing women’s scholarship. GWSN is funded by the National Science Foundation under grant #OCI-1140182.

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